Naadam Festival

Naadam festival is one of the most common celebrations throughout Mongolia.This traditional festivity is held mid July, from the 11th to the 13th.During the festival, Mongolians dress up in their traditional attire.Three types of tournament are held: male wrestling, archery -for both men and women-, and horse racing competitions divided into six age brackets, bringing together more than a thousand horses.Apart from that, the opening ceremony is one of the festivals main attractions.It begins with the setting of Genghis Khan's nine tails banner in the centre of the National Stadium. The tails represent the nine tribes of Mongolia.During the event, the attendants can see horse parades, soldiers marching, the athletes, and dancing and singing.The president makes an opening speech and the celebrations begin. The Naadam festival commemorates the Mongolian Revolution of 1921.

We welcome you to our widely celebrated festival in summer time. The Naadam held in 11 th of July. And There is opening ceremony amazingly held in the National Stadium where you can explore Mongolian traditional dance, songs and history at same time with short length in aday. While you are attending in the Naadam Festival you will have a chance to ...