• We welcome you to our widely celebrated festival in summer time. The Naadam held in 11 th of July. And There is opening ceremony amazingly h...
  • Discover the fascinating event of A winter festival in the Northern part of Mongolia, Khuvsgul Lake. There are certain activities in the ev...
  •  Take a trek to boundless Gobi Desert to explore its wilderness on your way to Mongolia. The biggest sand dune of 250meter high and 150...
  • Are you looking for a place to have a wonderful holiday or vacation along with your family and friends? And willing to explore untouched landscapes and wilderness at one destination? Or do you want to gain real experience from wild life of the world’s last Nomadic people?

    Travel to Mongolia ! It is the place for you to be explored.

    Discover untouched unique country covered with dense forest in the north and a vast expense of arid steppes and desert in the south. Thus, to visit to the last nomads of the world who live in the harsh clite with no choice, but to make their living by breeding livelystocks and hunting animals in the free range. Gain countless experience from their wild way of life.

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    GobiMongolia travel company offers you various types of tours based on your preferences and let tourists to explore unforgettable landscapes, routes and different culture of Mongolia. Mongolia is undiscovered country and still keeping its natural scenes. It welcomes all of you. 

    • Horse Trekking tour (11 days)                                
    • Huvsgul Lake tour   (11 days)
    • Western Part of Mongolia tour (11 days)                                                                       
    • Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain tour (9 days)                          
    • Treasure of Gobi desert tour (7 days)                       
    • Discovery of Naadam festival tour (8days)
    • Private tour (6 days)
    • Group tour(7days)                                                                                                         
    • Meditation tour (8days)
    • Fishing & Relaxing tour ( 9days)
    • Sky horse tour (2 days)
    • Green park tour      (2 days)                                       
    • Terelj N.P tour        ( 1 day)
    • One-day tour
    • City tour




    Ice Festival