Central part of Mongolia
  • Duration
    7 days
  • Price
    1500 USD
  • This is a tour for visitors from all over who want to take in the breathtaking views Mongolia has to offer. Witness the incredible vastness of the steppe, the green pastures, thick forests... And that's not all. After a 70 km ride on horseback, you'll have the chance to see the ancient capital of Mongolia. This is the most special part of the tour.

    1 day - Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

    2 day-  Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai( a piece of sand)

    3 day-  Start horseback riding to Ancient Capital of Mongolia

    4 day -  Explore Ancient Capital of Mongolia for a day

    5 day-   Drive to Khustai National Park (Prezwalski Horse)

    6 day-    City tour

    7 day- International Departure

    Tour cost detail:

    1500 USD per person for 1 pax


    1290 USD per person for 5~6 pax

    1400 USD per person for 2 pax

    1190 USD per person for 7 pax and more




    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Tour Price Inclusion

    • All accommodation in tourist camps
    • All meals in the camps
    • Entrance fees
    • English speaking guide
    • Private transport

    Tour Price Exclusion

    • Additional activity cost
    • Hotels and Meals in Ulaanbaatar
    • Domestic flight fees
    • Travel insurance
    • Alcohol drinks

     Central part of mongolia map


  • Day 1
    Arrive in Ulaanbaatar Arrive at the Chingiss Khan International Airport where you will be taken by a tour guide and transfer to the hotel in the city center. Have a rest at your hotel.
  • Day 2
    Early morning, you will drive to Elsen Tasarhai. Elsen Tasarhai is well known as its small sand dune and high mountains with rare animals such as wolves, rabbits, brown deer etc… and then there is small ponds are flowing throughout sand dune. On the sand you will ride two humped bacterian camel and enjoy the green pasture with fabulous sightseeing and unspoiled landscape. Stay overnight at tourist camp.
  • Day 3
    Start horseback riding to Ancient Capital of Mongolia After breakfast at the Ger camp, you will start horse trekking to Ancient Capital of Mongolia for 70 km. on the way to head for the destination where you will be having lunch on the green pasture. It could be great experience not to have meal in the restaurant, but in the nature. Your tour guide will show you how to make Mongolian traditional food for you. Taste it and keep horse trekking. You will stay a night in the camp nearby KharaKhorum Province
  • Day 4
    Explore Ancient Capital of Mongolia for a day In early morning, you will visit to the Erdene Zuu Khiid. During the 13th century, ancient capital of the Great Mongol existed. Now on, there is Buddhist Monastery ErdeneZuun built in 1586 by Altai Khan nearby the capital, OvorKhangai province. So, your guide will take you into the Monastery to introduce long lasting history of Great Mongol Empire and origination of the religion, Buddhism in Mongolia. After then, you will be guided to the KharKhorum Museum. The Museum is covered the Great Mongol Empire findings discovered near in Orkhon valley. Enjoy for flat pasture as staying a night at the camp.
  • Day 5
    Drive to Khustai National Park (Prezwalski Horse) Today, you will drive to Khustai National Park. The park is one of the protected areas in Mongolia. It has the world's endangered animals such as wild horse (Przewalski), deer, wolves, and wild sheep etc… in 1996, Wild horse had been existed in the current region of the Khustai National Park and it disappeared due of natural harsh phenomenon. Since then, Przewalski horses were reintroduced by Russian guy Przewalski. Stay a night at the National Park.
  • Day 6
    City tour After breakfast at your hotel, you will meet a tour guide and will drive to the National Museum to see the object belongs with our history from Stone age to Revolutionary. So then, explore a museum of the Parliament palace. Have a delicious dish at the Mongolian restaurant. We offer some time to rest until the cultural concert held. The cultural show includes Mongolian traditional songs, dances and throat singing etc.. Have a great night!
  • Day 7
    In the morning, you will transfer to the Chengis Khan International Airport for international departure. Have a safe flight!  
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