Gobi Tour
  • Duration
    8 days
  • Price
    1800 USD
  • Gobi Desert 

    Discover the Gobi desert in just 7 days. Explore the sands, discover dinosaur remains, and more...

    Naadam Festival Experience Tour


    1 Day- Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
    2 Day- Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai
    3 Day- A trip to Ancient Capital of Mongolia
    4 Day- Explore Ongi Temple- Ruin of Buddhist temples
    5 Day- Drive to Flaming Cliffs (Dinosaur fossils)
    6 Day- Drive to Hongoryn Els (Sand dunes)
    7 Day- Explore Yol Valley (Ice gorge)
    8 Day- Flight back to Ulaanbaatar
    9 Day- A day trip- Terelj National Park (Chengis Statue)
    10 Day- International Departure

    Tour price includes:
    • All accommodation on tourist camps
    • All meals on the camps
    • Entrance fees
    • Domestic flight fees
    • English speaking guide
    • Private transport
    Tour price does not include:
    • Additional activity cost
    • Hotels and Meals in Ulaanbaatar
    • Travel insurance
    • Alcoholic drinks

  • Day 1
    Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
    Arrive at the Chingiss Khan International Airport where you will be taken by a tour guide and transfer to the hotel in the center. Have a rest at your hotel.  Dinner will be provided.
  • Day 2
    Driving to Elsen Tasarkhai ( A piece of Sand dune)
    After breakfast at hotel, you will drive to Elsen Tasarhai. Elsen tasarhai is known by its small sand dune and high mountain with rare animals such as wolves, rabbits, brown deer etc… and there is small ponds, flowing throughout sand dune. On the sand you will ride two humped camel and enjoy the green sightseeing. Stay overnight at tourist camp.
  • Day 3
    Drive to Karakorum
    In the morning, you will immediately drive to Ancient capital of Mongolia. During the 13th century, Great Mongol existed at this spot. Now on, there is Buddhist Monastery ErdeneZuun built nearby on OvorKhangai province. Your guide will take you into the Monastery to introduce long lasting history of Great Mongol Empire and origination of the religion, Buddhism in Mongolia. After then, you will be guided to the KharKhorum Museum.
  • Day 4
    In the morning, you will drive to Ongi River. On the rid of river there are ruin of twenty eight temple built by Khamb Lama where it had a thousand lama. Currently, it has a small temple built on the slope of Mountain surrounded by white stupa. You will visit into the temple and yet to see its picturesque museum. The 28 temples got destroyed by Stailin’s purges during the communism in 1930. At night, you will see interesting small cultural show at the camp such as showing various clothes of Mongolian king, queen; warrior with slave etc…The night will be exciting.
  • Day 5
    Exploring Flamming cliffs (Dinosaur fossils)
    In the morning, you will drive to Flaming Cliffs. The place is famous by its remains of dinosaur bones and fossilized eggs in the cliff and thus it has long aged saxaul trees aging once in a hundred year. A Great Geologist Ray Andrew Chapman used to explore Baynzag,Flamming Cliff and who discovered dinosaur bones and fossilized eggs. The findings are currently in the Mongolian Natural Museum. After a lunch, your guide will guide you around the cliffs where you have opportunity to explore dinosaur bones. You will have Mongolian Traditional dishes such as pot barbecue or fried dumpling, steamed dumpling for dinner. In general, the barbecue is the most favorite food for all Mongolians which we have it during special ceremonies and feast.
  • Day 6
    Drive to Hongoryn Els (Sand Dune)
    After breakfast, you will immediately drive to Hongoryn Els where you will see a huge sand dune. Mongolia has around 33 sand dunes, Hongoryn els is one of, 250metr high and 100kms wide. It is well known by a name of singing dune.  The place is not completely covered by sand, but it has a little pond flowing below the sand dune with green pasture. Yet, as looking around, there is a high rocky mountain half fenced around the dune. From the top of singing dune, you have chances to marvel either at sunrise and sunset, even in the mid night there is uncountable star shining to the land like a day. So then, do not forget to have golden Gobi’s delicious meals at the Ger camp and yet have camel riding along the Sand Dune for an hour. Stay a night at the tourist camp.
  • Day 7
    Drive to Dalanzadgad ( Yol Valey)
    After breakfast, driving to Dalanzadgad, Gobi. The place has its phenomenon of a huge ice gorge existing rid of canyon in the summer. There is rare species of animals such as wild sheep, gazelle, leopards, marmot, yaks etc… you have a chance to see these endangers and natural phenomenon at a time in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan. By the way, in order to reach the ice gorge, you will ride Mongolian horse for 3 to 4 km. In reality, Mongolian horses are domesticated for daily life consuming. Have a trek around the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain and feel free for virgin nature as staying overnight in the ger camp.
  • Day 8
    Flight back to Ulaanbaatar, explore Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
    In early morning, our staffs will transfer you to the local airport. You will fly an hour and half to Ulaanbaatar. After arrival in Ulaanbaatar, you will immediately drive to the Terelj National park. Mongolia has 14 national parks protected by Government. Apart from that, Gorkhi Terelj National Park is referred to be one of 14 national parks and the closest area with untouched nature including weird shaped rock formation and green pasture, yet forest. On the way to reach Gorkhi National Park, you will visit to a hundred lamas’ cave who had survived during the communist period from 1934 to 1937. You will amaze how they could fit in such small space in the rock. Going on to see a big turtle rock formation where you will be guided to the top and can take a look at fabulous view of nature. Yet you will be a guest to Aryabala meditation temple placing right front of the turtle rock. Aryabala temple was built in 1810 by Mongolian artists. Try to taste Mongolian meals at your camp. Additionally,  it could be a nice experience to ride Mongolian wild horse for an hour. At last, you will visit to Nomadic family to interest in ordinary life of Nomads at Mongol house (Ger). Have a dinner and enjoy the green meadow with fresh air. Stay overnight at tourist camp.
  • Day 9
    Drive back to Ulaanbaatar
    After breakfast at the camp, drive to Ulaanbaatar city. After arrival in the city center, you have options as shopping to cashmere store or Black market. So then, have some rest at the hotel and be ready for cultural night. The concert shows great performance of horse fiddle, throat singing, and traditional long song addition to dancing demonstaring nomadic daily life to the audience.  Afterwards, have an unforgettable dinner at the modern nomadic restaurant
  • Day 10
    International Departure
    You will transfer to the Chengis Khan International Airport for departure.
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