Discovery of Naadam Festival Tour
  • Duration
    8 days
  • Price
    1590 USD
  • Looking for a seat at the National Stadium to watch the Naadam Festival and its famous opening ceremony? Hop on this tour and enjoy the festivities and the ceremony, as well as the tournaments, including horse racing, archery, wrestling... Apart from that, we offer a trip to the Terelj National Park, located nearby, and the mighty Gobi desert in only three days. Marvel at Mongolia's untouched landscapes and magnificent views.
    Day 1 - Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
    Day 2 - Experience Naadam Festival (Opening ceremony)
    Day 3 - Drive to Khui Doloon Hutag – (to watch the horse racing competition)
    Day 4 - City tour
    Day 5 - Flight to Dalanzadgad (Gobi desert)
    Day 6 - Drive to Hongoryn Els (Sand dunes)
    Day 7 - Return to Dalanzadgad
    Day 8 - Flight back to Ulaanbaatar (Terelj National Park)
    Day 9 - International Departure

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    The price of the tour includes:
    All accommodation in ger camps
    All meals on tourists camps
    Taxes and fees
    Activity prices
    Entry fees
    The price of the tour does not include:
    Hotels and meals in Ulaanbaatar
    Extra activity prices
    Alcoholic drinks
    Visa insurance
    Domestic flight fees

  • Day 1
    Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
    You will arrive at the Chingiss Khan International Airport where you will meet with a tour guide and driver and transfer to the hotel in the center. Have a rest and be ready for the tour.
  • Day 2
    Naadam Festival opening
    In the morning, you will be guiding to the National Stadium where the Opening ceremony of Naadam Festival holds. You will spend around a half day to see the ceremony. As you see the opening ceremony, you may go around the stadium. It is our tradition to eat fried dumplings during the Naadam festival. You will also taste the dumplings too.
  • Day 3
    Drive to Khui Doloo Hutag
    After early breakfast at the hotel, you will drive to the Horse competing place where you will explore approximately a thousand horses at six different ages competing in the race. Interestingly, there are only small kids 7 up to 12 years old riding on horseback. It is kind of pathetic part of watching the contest. And yet your expert guide will introduce about some events occur there.
  • Day 4
    City Tour
    After breakfast at the hotel, you will meet with a tour guide and start a city tour. You will visit to National Museum, Gandan Monastery, Bogd's Museum and more... Have a traditional barbecue at the bb's restaurant. Be ready for the cultural show at night.
  • Day 5
    Flight to Dalanzadgad (Gobi Desert)
    After breakfast at the hotel, you will transfer to the Chingiss Khan Airport for domestic flight to Dalanzadgad, Gobi for an hour and half. After arrival, you will transfer to the ger camp nearby Yol Valley. Since having a lunch at the camp, start a trip to Gurvan Saikhan,Yol Valley. it has its phenomenon of a huge ice gorge existing rid of canyons in the summer. There is also rare species of animals such as wild sheep, gazelle, leopards, marmot, yaks etc… By the way, in order to reach the ice gorge, you will ride Mongolian horse for 3 to 4 km. Mongolian horses are domesticated for daily life consuming. Have a trek around the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain and feel free for virgin nature as staying overnight in the Ger camp.
  • Day 6
    Tour to Hongoryn Els,Sand dune
    Today, you will drive to Hongoryn Els where you will see a huge sand dune and is 250metr high and 100kms wide. It is known by a singing dune. As you look around, there is a high rocky mountain, fencing half around the dune. From the top of singing dune, you will be able to see the sunrise and the sunset, even in the mid night there is uncountable star shining to the land like a day.
  • Day 7
    Drive Back to Dalanzadgad province
    Early morning, you will head back to Dalanzadgad province. There is a big market with a diversity of products at the one place such as clothes, dairy products including butter, horse milk, curds etc…. After then, have a dinner at the restaurant in the center of Dalanzadgad as singing song at karaoke with some beers. Hopefully the last night will be amazing in the Gobi desert. Stay a night at the hotel.
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
    Arrival in Ub
    Arrival in Ulaanbaatar city, you have option to shop to cashmere store or Black market. So then, have some rest at the hotel and be ready for cultural night. The concert shows great performance of horse fiddle, throat singing, and traditional long song addition to dancing demonstaring nomadic daily life to the audience. Afterwards, have an unforgettable dinner at the modern nomadic restaurant
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