One-day tour
  • Duration
    1 days
  • Price
    135 USD

    Are you too busy or carrying too much luggage for a proper tour of Mongolia? If you wish to experience the land's beauty but don't have a lot of time at your disposal, we have a tour for you. Catch a glimpse of Mongolia's landscape and culture in only half a day.

      Tour Start at :9.30 am

  • Day
    Chingiss Khan Statue (Tsonjin Boldog)
    A tour is to explore 13th century of Chingiss Khan and to enjoy natural views on the spot of Chingiss khan giant statue at the Tsonjin Boldog. As selecting this tour, you will take deeply look at the 13th century including King and Queen’s palatial Ger surrounding with Shamanist encampment keeping spectacular objects and belongings of Shaman man and more. And then, to try Mongolian dresses of warrior, queen and king at the Camp and will have a chance to try writing your name by Mongolian old script by ink which is kind of art in Mongolia. It could be unforgettable memory from Mongolia. Do not omit lunch time of having a Mongolian Traditional dish at the 13th century’s restaurant with warm atmosphere. Since then, you will see a cultural concert that shows contortion, throat singing, long song and dance with hereditary instruments at night.  
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