About Mongolia


National dresses have been signs of demonstrating eight different tribes in Mongolia. Throughout various dresses, identifying each tribes’ current social status, gender and ages and thus able to know how all tribes pursued their main agriculture, and tradition, evenly its natural atmosphere and feature of moral culture. Way of clothings are related with season such as winter clothes are often made of animals fur to keep warm. Summer dressing is light to carry on in the hot weather.

National dressing code includes long sleeved dress with upright collar, hat and up heeled boots.

Sleeved dress is called " Deel" and Terleg". Deel has long sleeves and upright collar with small buttoms on the bossom, and hip. Deel's material can be both silk and just cloth. Old Mongolians prefer the Deel to be silk with silver buttons which got wore in celebration.


Wearing a hat has unique meaning its behind, each twist on the hat could express rates of people' authority and manner. Back in early years, height of hat showed the rates of king and queen. Nowadays, this is changed into just being good decoration during the holidays.

Up heeled boots

From the period of Hun Dynasty to current days, Up heeled boots has been used as a special boots within Mongolians, it has significant meaning of a space between its head part and socks to warm feet in winter time and to cool out in summer time. Except Hun Dynasty and Mongol, any country or people had ever used the boots.  

We welcome you to our widely celebrated festival in summer time. The Naadam held in 11 th of July. And There is opening ceremony amazingly held in the National Stadium where you can explore Mongolian traditional dance, songs and history at same time with short length in aday. While you are attending in the Naadam Festival you will have a chance to ...