About Mongolia


Tradition is mostly related with Mongolian religion,Buddhism and Shamanism. Mongolians honor heaven,the sun, the moon, star and fire which are all alive in our hearts. In the morning, we sprinkle milk tea to the sun. In the evening, mothers sprinkle milk to the star to whisper wishes. After making new food or tea, we put some part to the statue settled in the house as sharing everything with God.

We never throw thrash to the stove, because there is a Fire God in the stove. It harms us. No one can sit in the center of house where only family host sits. It is forbidden to sit on the table which brings you debt.

We welcome you to our widely celebrated festival in summer time. The Naadam held in 11 th of July. And There is opening ceremony amazingly held in the National Stadium where you can explore Mongolian traditional dance, songs and history at same time with short length in aday. While you are attending in the Naadam Festival you will have a chance to ...