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Dairy Product and Beverage

During the summer time, Mongolian usually eat dairy products. It cleans our body and make the body feel light. it is so healthy products and significant medicine for all organs in the body.

The Dairy products are only made of milk from all animals. Each animal's milk contains uncountable vitamins and nutritions such as Camel milk has 60 different vitamins, it is good for men especially lungs. By horse milk, we use it to brown our body in the sun to being healthy or building immune in the body. Most commonly used milk is cow milk, it is so oily and good for producing products such cheese, butter, curds, and hard cheese.

Milky products: Butter, Curds, cheese, yogurt and bitter milk. How are these products to be ready? These products are being ready in coherent steps

First step: Making butter and yogurt

Making milk in pot from cow and put into hot pot to stir continiously until it gets bubble. So then, leaving the hot pot milk for a while. After some time, getting some tepid milk out into another pot to make yougurt. Into the tepid milk, just put some yeast and keep in warm place. Within up 2 to 4 hours, the yougurt gets ready. Since taking out the tepid milk, leave it for a night where it appears oil on the milk that is butter. The wet butter is ready. 

Second step: Making cheese and curds

Sheep.cow and goat milks could be used in making cheese,especially raw milk is the best usage for keeping cheese for long time and its favor is tasty.

Putting some amount of yogurt into the milk and stir it until it sours. So then, collect the sour milk on the clean cloth and cover it by the cloth and tier. Place the covered milk in the cold ground. The wet cheese is ready.

By wet cheese, Nomad's make curds and hard cheese as shaping the wet cheese in the mold and dry it in the sun.

Third step: Making bitter milk

It is sour milk made by yogurt. Keep a yogurt for three days to get sour and stir it for a while. After then, strain the liquid and bitter milk is the rest one.

Beverages: Fermented milk and alcoholic drink

In order to produce fermented milk, daily pouring warm mare milk into yogurt by raw goat milk in the pot and to sack the pot milk until it gets sour flavor so then the fermented milk is ready. when it gets too bitter, it is time to produce alcoholic drink.

Producing alcoholic drink

From early years to current days, Mongolians have been drinking soft drink that is called “Arhi”, homemade alcoholic drink by fermented milk. There is no high alcohol percentage in beverage. As making fermented milk, start distilling alcoholic drink. Putting cone shaped wooden barrel on the hot pot and cover holes to keep vapor in the barrel, throughout kept vapor that the drink is produced.













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