About Mongolia


It became apparent that Xiongu ruled by Modun Shanyu in 209 BC, Turkic Khaganate,Xianbei and Rouran Dynasties existed in Mongolia, nearby Orkhon River. These are considered to be the ancient ancestors and nobilities of current Mongolians. They were all lived alike nomads. Since then, the most powerful empire came up that was Mongol Empire by the great warrior Chingiss Khan. He united over 10 tribes and who established the Mongol Empire in 1206. In secret writing, Chingiss Khan was born with clot in his hand which expressing him as a unique man in the world.

We welcome you to our widely celebrated festival in summer time. The Naadam held in 11 th of July. And There is opening ceremony amazingly held in the National Stadium where you can explore Mongolian traditional dance, songs and history at same time with short length in aday. While you are attending in the Naadam Festival you will have a chance to ...