Various Tours as follows:

GobiMongolia travel company offers you various types of tours based on your preferences and let tourists to explore unforgettable landscapes, routes and different culture of Mongolia. Mongolia is undiscovered country and still keeping its natural scenes. It welcomes all of you. 

  • Horse Trekking tour (11 days)                                
  • Huvsgul Lake tour   (11 days)
  • Western Part of Mongolia tour (11 days)                                                                       
  • Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain tour (9 days)                          
  • Treasure of Gobi desert tour (7 days)                       
  • Discovery of Naadam festival tour (8days)
  • Private tour (6 days)
  • Group tour(7days)                                                                                                         
  • Meditation tour (8days)
  • Fishing & Relaxing tour ( 9days)
  • Sky horse tour (2 days)
  • Green park tour      (2 days)                                       
  • Terelj N.P tour        ( 1 day)
  • One-day tour
  • City tour




We welcome you to our widely celebrated festival in summer time. The Naadam held in 11 th of July. And There is opening ceremony amazingly held in the National Stadium where you can explore Mongolian traditional dance, songs and history at same time with short length in aday. While you are attending in the Naadam Festival you will have a chance to ...